What should you use material for your kitchen cabinets?

  • October 13, 2016
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To get a good kitchen cabinets, you must have carefully choice for each part of the kitchen cabinet and must be coordinated by the profesional designing to bring extremely comfortable for the kitchen cabinets.

Easy understandable Avy Interior please split cupboard with three important parts, hope through this article can help you find the information needed to answer questions of a material cabinet should do something:

  • platform of wood
  • Surface
  • Fittings interior

I. Platform of wood

The climate of Vietnam often has high humidity rate in the air, Р’В to ensure reliability the kitchen cabinet, although using some type of wooden, we should select the product line of mix additives (moisture-proof material)

The platform of wood on the market today :

  1. HDF (High Density Fiberboard) with sound insulation, moisture and the best current bearing is made of selected hardwoods with high quality, evenly. HDF core wood is considered the most use of the line.

Р’В  Р’В  Р’В  Р’В  Р’В  Also, HDF also full of other features such as thermal insulation, fire resistance, anti-termite, anti-warping.

  1. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) 2nd in the line of wooden columns with fire resistance, moisture and termite resistant HDF less potent.
  2. MFC – wood chips (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is used from the MFC timber against warping short term but not high bearing capacity, commonly used in the field of office furniture, MDF cheaper and HDF.
  3. Plywood: plywood production line is quite simple, the product is resistant to termites, warping, shrinkage during use but is considered the most inferior quality due to bearing capacity not good, time use by HDF, MDF and MFC.

Avy Interior design to ensure the durability of kitchen cabinets in each family. Currently, Avy Interior made by HDF special and MDF special (with moisture-resistant additives).

Р’В nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-giThe platform of wood material flow

II. Surface

The each type of surface material bring other style. We maken satisfied our customer Р’В with the perfect suface for the highest satisfaction of aesthetic and durability, the selection of surfaces is extremely important. Avy Interior introduce materials of the kitchen cabinet:

  1. Acrylic

Acrylic is a material with gloss surfaces, this is the characteristic features to distinguish with laminate and melamine. Gloss of acrylic help to increase the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinets, the lady favorite when to look at kitchen cabinets.

Acrylic capable to hight weights up to and quarter bend created the muilti kitchen cabinet form. Beside acrylic damp-droof and fire-resistant insulantion, which is important with kitchen. ability Avy assure the reliability of your kitchen cabinet in 10 years.

In addition, Acrylic have features important of the kitchen cabinet materials:

  • Capable termite treatment
  • Variety of colors
  • Not fade
  • Do not warp

Acrylic created to feel the luxury, modern and comfortable for the kitchen cabinet.

mau-tu-bep-depThe Acrylic kitchen cabinetsР’В 

  1. Laminate

Laminate is a material surface has many good characteristics, especially the choice for those who love the color of wood, with its diversity of around 1000 color of laminate: (matte (matt), smooth (satin) , scratched, wood, et stone, textured, matte, glossy mirror …).

Laminate have 3 parts:

  • Overlay (outer coating layer) is covered by a transparent layer of glue Melamine

– Anti-scratch, anti-shock

– Stable, creating surface hardness

– Fire-resistant insulation, Waterproof

– fading,

– capable termite treatment

– Against the effects of chemicals

– Easy to clean.

  • Decorative Paper (art class color film)

– Under the effect of pressure at high temperatures (220oC) molten layer overlay paper layer clinging to the film

– Using a special film for printing color patterns and textures designed.

– To help for Laminate surfaces are durable and true color.

  • Kraft Paper (paper class background)

– Including the base kraft paper layers are pressed tightly together by pressure at high temperatures

– Background paper Kraft pulp made of pressed and additives and high circulation mode (300kg / cm2 and temperature of 125 degrees)

– Durable, tough and rough, brown or gray often with quantitative 50-135 g / m2.

With 3 Laminate constituent material for 0,6- thickness> 1.2 mm (special thickness can be achieved: 0.5). Laminate is calculated is quite thick but so bring features like good strength properties, no warping, color diversity due Decorative Paper (art class color film), and a good scratch resistant (even better on this point because the material Acrylic Overlay (outer coating layer) is covered by a transparent layer of glue melamine.

Also laminate also features much-loved like:

  • Capable termite treatment
  • Damp-droof and fire-resistant insulantion
  • Ability bend

Laminate cabinets line favorited Р’В by every family with high durable (usually warrantying about 10 years) and good aesthetics due to the variety of colors and the ability to bend. Laminate line created Р’В the gentle, immersed in nature and relax when come to the kitchen.

Р’В nen-lam-tu-bep-chat-lieu-giThe kitchen cabinet with the laminate material

  1. Melamine

It is similar Р’В the laminate material but simple structure consisting of two layers of melamine quite thin:

(Outer layer), the paper has also called quantitative high premium paper

(Inner) is MDF or particle board of wood

Melamine constraints posed as curved surfaces, glide, scratch resistant and less abrasive than Laminate also the line is still quite popular due to the low cost and the characteristics Favorite

  • Muilti colors, uniform, diverse surface
  • No fading color and discoloration, or waterproof

nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-gi-1-jpgThe melamine kitchen cabinets with gentle, delicate

  1. Veneer

Currently , the people rarely use the veneer for kitchen cabinets because although low-cost but less durability of veneer, not waterproof, easy to damage, easy to crack Р’В when moving, moisture will not be as good as the line other surface materials.

We can rely on the desired price and aesthetically to create kitchen cabinets with most reasonable material.

nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-gi-3The Veneer cabinet

III. Fitting

A lot of people do not attention to the small fittings in the cabinet, but actually fittings is very important to make durable of the cabinet, which also brings high aesthetics create unique, personality, as well as brings maximum utility kitchen.

Avy Interior would like to introduce to you some the fittings cabinet, that housewives favorite to cook in their kitchen:

  1. The damping unit with Sliding kitchen cabinet doors modern technology from of Avy InteriorР’В should box drawer closed softly and smoothly. The modern kitchen fittings have rail open full help to the user can clearly see objects deep inside. This damping parts very root installation, adjustment, and durability as well as extremely good load.

nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-gi-4-jpg-pngSliding kitchen cabinet doors modern technology from of Avy Interior

  1. Accessories under the kitchen cabinet help divide a drawer, bringing to the kitchen tidy, this system also helps you get something easy to clean and optimize storage space kitchen:

– Neatly arranged and easy to disassemble

– Washable

– Handy

2Lift handlesР’В for utilities

  1. Р’В The Lift hands kitchen cabinets system, you can easily pick up objects inside. Beside Р’В the regular lifting hand will stop at the end, but the modern lifting hand can stop at any point the user wants.

To solve the problem thoroughly and bring maximum utility kitchen space, we should use the modern lifting hands kitchen cabinets with great features:

  • The modern cabinet doors open and stop at the point of the user to want.
  • The cabinet have damping parts, only one flick of cabinet door will be closed completely smooth.
  • Saving area, creating space for more luxurious kitchen.
  1. The fittings such as LED created the lighting highest space with hight aesthetic, the small rack in the kitchen is very handy especially for the beautiful kitchen to put wet items , or even larger items like spices, pots , …

If already in the hands of good interior design, you will not need to worry much about such small details. Althought we should update the information in order to determine their choice is perfect.

Р’В nhung-phu-kien-tu-bep-dep-2The Queen – class and elegance

Avy Interior introduced to you about the specific characteristics of the materials of the kitchen cabinets. Hopefully now you have found the answer ” What should you use material for your kitchen cabinets?”

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