The modern kitchen cabinets sample made by industry wood

  • October 26, 2016
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The industrial wood kitchen cabinets are always the first choice for the modern kitchen because the material has a variety of colors and shapes. The development of technology has taken the industrial wood kitchen cabinets samples into new level, even durable and luxurious than the nature wood kitchen cabinets sample

The Laminate kitchen cabinets have beautiful design with more color-coded 1000 and combine with the ability to bend to create unique kitchen cabinets samples

tu-bep-go-cong-nghiep-loi-xanh-5The kitchen cabinets sample with Laminate wood brings separate style.

The premium laminate kitchen cabinets of Avy Interior has good water-resistant, especially the AVY QueenР’В is 10-year warranty. Besides, this material also resists termites, warping, heat-resistant. With premium laminate materials, you absolutely can assure of durability and aesthetic value of the kitchen.

eva4_1With advanced production technology, Avy Interior confidently produce the kitchen cabinet samples with a high degree of difficulty.

The laminate kitchen cabinets acrylic with high gloss creates the modern and luxury style. Products with acrylic material have ability of moisture resistant, termite resistant, high heat resistance. Besides, the high-end acrylic line also scratch resistant, ensuring aesthetic over time.

eva-2_2The kitchen cabinets sample with shiny acrylic brings modern beauty.

All the kitchen cabinets samples of Avy Interior have good ability to bend to shape the kitchen. Not simply is the emotion cubes for those who love the soft curves. Kitchen cabinets sample can bend base on the desire is to bring the kitchen cabinets samples what has diverse shapes, capable of meeting any request of any grumpy guest.

tu-bep-hien-dai-14The combination of light and warm colors create a warm, fresh space

The design of the modern industry wood kitchen cabinets samples is not too premiums. Modernity comes from the simple lines but luxurious. Especially, the use of kitchen cabinets is attended very much with the perfect solution. The modern kitchen cabinets sample can easily combine with modern technology and equipment support for activities the kitchen such as:

Automatic opening and closing systems for the industrial wood kitchen cabinets: Is the solution to save energy as well as a force when operating. Especially with those who are always busy, it’s easy to open, close the heavy cabinet door with a jog. Absolutely unbelievable when you can easily open, close by foot or hips when your hand is still busy. The entire of a system is connected to only one controller, that means you can stand in one position that still controls the entire kitchen cabinets.

Control system with the touch screen of the industry wood kitchen cabinet: Software is written specifically for the kitchen by Avy Interior, with optimal functions such as calculating a reasonable diet for the whole family under the menu what is researched by the experts leading in the world.This is extremely helpful to the health of the whole family and also help mothers to avoid a headache thinking the dishes. Besides, the software also helps the mother’s cooking easier when cooking time is calculated in detail and clarity. There’s also a very useful function for the Р’В baby administration while just cooking for mom: The camera is capable of observing connections the entire house, manage your music media player, even record lullabies to play for babies….

The touch-sensing lamp system: With every kitchen, the light is always the most important factor to create the aesthetic value and usability. Each drawer will be mounted the touch-sensing lamp system, lights up when you need to use, makes you easier to find items.

A modern kitchen is not only aesthetic value high, it also brings usability, ensure that you do not take too much power to cook.

eva3_3Modern style shows the class of homeowners

With a team of design and construction is professional, experienced, Avy Interior is always ready to bring customers the industry wood kitchen cabinets samples with the best quality, unique design , aesthetic value high for kitchen space. We commit that we are the interior suppliers leading in Vietnam with design and construction time is the fastest, highest quality, today.

mau-tu-bep-depThe industry wood kitchen cabinet is the top choice of the family that they are favorite modern style.

Avy InteriorР’В committed to bringing customers the optimum value both quality and service when using the product. The design experts leading in Vietnam are always ready to welcome and consult to bring appropriate kitchens, modern and most luxurious kitchens.


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