A kitchen cabinets sample can suit to any style, a kitchen cabinet sample fits with every space, despite Р’В large or small kitchen. It РІР‚s so amazing! The I-Sample kitchen cabinets bring convenient space to users with clear and convenience when to move and work in Р’В the kitchen. Avy Interior want to bring for you the most beautiful, convenient the I-shaped kitchen for a completely different lifestyle !

Advantages of the I- shaped kitchen Cabinets Р’В 

– You can save acreage.

– Simple design but ensure convenience.

– Suitable for every space (the kitchen has a large, small acreage).

– Easy activity in the cooking area.

  1. The I- shaped kitchen Cabinets Р’В for narrow spaces

With a narrow space, the kitchen cabinets sample need difference, the major breakthrough to create the kitchen brings uniqueness, luxury Р’В but without missing utility. The I- shaped kitchen Cabinets that Avy Interior would like to recommend today bring fully the characteristics what listed above.

If your home acreage is not too large, probably the living room or bedroom will stay near the kitchen. It РІР‚s convenient when we own an I- shaped kitchen with outstanding features are the continuous door leaf system what may close all the cabinets Р’В as necessary. All your kitchen are associated with a complete block. Although it has not much space for the kitchen, but when you need to cook, you can still use a larger area. When finished, close the cabinet door leaf, the kitchen completely disappeared. We can only see the I- shaped kitchen cabinets, stand neatly in small space.

You also can not underestimate the kitchen what is wrapped in a small, narrow I-shaped kitchen cabinets sample. Because the utility and durability of it are not inferior to any large kitchens.

Wood material of this I-shape kitchen cabinets sample:

– Wood core is water-resistant, not warping, anti-termites.

– Wood surface covered laminate is processed according to the modern and high-tech line.

– Kitchen table surface and

Kitchen countertops and wall panels are made from high-grade stainless inox, is light, beautiful forever.

Accessories (hinges, lift arms, rack drawer, tray split, continuous price …) provides high usability and ease of use.

Kitchen equipment is placed hidden in the drawer, bring neat, tidy and complete seal after use.

Technology :

– System sensor lights in each cabinet make sure the light when cooking and get something in the cabinets.

– Automatic unlocking system, power steering (with Р’В the large door leaf outboard kitchen cabinets block) and use the push button to open door leaf.

This I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample brings modern comfortable lifestyle for those narrow spaces.

mau-tu-bep-depThe unique I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample for narrow spaces.

eva-2Cabinet door leaf opens or closes according to your desire.

  1. The I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample for apartment

With the apartments have long and narrow acreage we can use the I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample to bring the empty when using. To create the highlight for the kitchen cabinets sample space, you can add subtle soothing textures or stylized with the high cabinets to increase the exhibition space. Besides, with this I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample, even though space is not too large but large kitchen area for those who want more scullion

Avy Interior launch LADY-2 sample with simple lines, flexible but not less sophistication to create warmth space for the family. The product is the perfect solution for those who love the unique, luxury.

Use sheet HDF and Laminate materials. Kitchen surfaces uses materials that are designed thinner, create more space for drawers (glass, stainless steel, ..)

Accessories (hinges, lift arms, rack drawer, continuous shelve, …) use high-end product line of partners as Blum, Hafele. High-end kitchen equipment Miele was imported from European.

Modern technology increases aesthetics for the kitchen:

  • Light system sensors in each closet, separate drawer.
  • Automatic system for drawer what use electric rail.

mau-tu-bep-depThe I-shaped kitchen cabinets sample

  1. The I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample for large space.

With a large space, Р’В you can innovate comfortably Р’В for the kitchen space more lively and comfortable. Although, your house can fit all models of the Р’В kitchen cabinets as G, L or U-shaped, but not less the women is still favorite with the I- shaped kitchen Cabinets sample for large space, why is that?

With anybody like the simplicity, placidity, this I-shaped kitchen Cabinets sample is an irresistible choice. Cooking is more simple with airy walkways

With large space and with the I-shaped kitchen cabinets, you should use the island table to display conveniently food, drinks or vases for kitchen more light.

Avy Interior Р’В advises you to use a material for kitchen cabinets samples like this: Sheet Plywood and advanced surface materials (acrylic, UV …). Kitchen surface has many variety choices depending on the needs (natural stone, artificial stone, Lacquer …)

Accessories (hinges, lift arms, rack drawer …) and the device. You should use high-end product line of partners as Blum, Miele is imports European

Avy would like to introduce to you Queen-1 sample is the perfect solution for those who favorite the I-shape kitchen cabinets sample with space tee:

The solution for door leaf surface and separate box drawers is to special design, ensuring the uniqueness of each product. Produced by modern mechanical systems of Avy Interior.

All the kitchens are built-in through the modern automatic sliding doors.

The modern technology is completely imported from Europe:

+ Automatic sliding doors

+ Light system touch in each closet, separate drawer

+ Sensor system kitchen temperature

+ Automatic system for drawer what use electric rail.

+ Touchscreen integrates many features (the menu for the family, door camera, music media player management …)

+ Socket system on the kitchen surface, ventilation and foot kitchen

tu-bep-hien-daiQueen-1 with ideas from the simple lines

mau-tu-bep-depPerfect lifestyle for the modern, convenient kitchen Р’В with airy space, takes advantage the natural light

nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-gi-1-jpgElegance and sophistication are not able to hide of the white kitchen what is the dominant color

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