The high-end kitchen cabinets sample

  • October 27, 2016
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With our country’s northern climate, four seasons changes the weather, hot and humid, prone to be humidity, termites for the family’s furniture. Therefore, the leading requirements of the customer are to assurance quality. Avy Interior would like to introduce the high-end kitchen cabinets samples with the AVYР’В Queen – modern and elegance style in every detail.

AVY Queen is product line proud of Avy Interior with the luxury and class. Each product Queen is appreciated with quality and luxurious style leading in Vietnam.

Р’В tu-bep-cao-cap-ha-noi-3Queen-1 is designed based on ideas from the simple geometric lines.

Not simply is a kitchen cabinets sample, Queen follows the trends of the luxury and class fashion to the family. Cut the thinking of Vietnamese lifestyle, the kitchen worth is just to bring meals. At Avy interior, a kitchen is a place for you to express the class and distinctive style. Do not just focus on the quality and health safety of every member of the family. The high-end kitchen cabinets samples at the Avy Interior also base on the aesthetic value of the kitchen to create the impressive and unique that many people must admire.

tu-bep-cao-cap-ha-noi-1Р’В Queen-2 with wood imitation grain and Egypt motifs creates the charm, mystery separately.

Queen’s product line is convergence from what the most delicate in the world. With the advanced equipment are imported from Europe with the brands has names of hundreds of years, created a kitchen what carried value and higher class. Queen deserves to be the premium kitchen cabinets sample what are the most favorite today.

tu-bep-cao-cap-ha-noi-4Queen-3 sample with the harmony of colors for the mystic beauty.

The harmony or contrast in color will create the kitchen where to bring different aesthetic value. But no matter what, every kitchen cabinets sample need to be coordinated color reasonably under the leading designers in the Avy Interior, so can bring the best aesthetics.

Almost all high-end kitchen cabinets samples are not really paying attention to all the details such as the Queen. All the accessories of the Queen are imported from Europe to bring the perfect solution for the kitchen. Avy Interior based on what available in each family to design and build the kitchen what has a perfection and the best solution. This capability has been complete due to the high design technology what is used under the hand of the leading designers in Vietnam. The first time, the high-end kitchen cabinet products are not only the imported products but also Avy Interior provides solutions and superior quality according to European standards.

With design technology and a modern production line of Avy Interior, not only supplies products with optimum quality but also shorten the time of designing and manufacturing to surprise. Nowaday, not any clients want to wait too long to get the product. Understanding that, we have shortened time to get the 3D designs in just 30-45 minutes, that means you can see your future kitchen at our showroom at 22 Tran Duy Hung. Production technology is synced with design technology, it calculated details about materials what needed for production, so production and construction need less than one week to complete.

Time for production, construction, installation and completing the high-end kitchen cabinets is the fastest only in Avy Interior.

tu-bep-cao-cap-ha-noi-5Queen-4 sample is the closeness with nature to create a completely different style

Avy Interior currently can ensure that in Vietnam market, without any interior brands providing the beautiful, unique and professional kitchen cabinets samples as here. The high-end kitchen cabinets samples are assessed less professional because of importing from these countries, it makes customers wait too long to get the kitchen. Not to mention if the kitchen is not really satisfied or needs the warranty, maintenance is more difficult when the supplier stays in somewhere so remote.

We respect every value that customers brings, build a brand based on trust and reputation. Come to Avy Interior, you can absolutely experience a completely different lifestyle experience. The modern and luxury every detail!

tu-bep-cao-cap-ha-noi-2Queen-5 is impressive with the main color for space larger than reality.

Contact now with Avy Interior to be served most carefully and professionally from expertРІР‚в„ўs team of design and construction leading in Vietnam.


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