Should we buy the modern kitchen cabinets with cheap price?

  • October 18, 2016
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This question is often anxiety of many women when to want to buy the modern luxury kitchen but the price difference between the same kitchen cabinets samples of different suppliers. So, should we buy the modern kitchen cabinets samples of the supplier with prices cheaper?

5662546465Should we buy the modern kitchen cabinets but cheap price?

Which is better the imported products or Vietnam products?

Today, there are few specialized furniture manufacturers in Vietnam, mostly to buy a kitchen cabinets product with Europe quality , everybody often selects the 100% imported products. Thus, cost and workers disparities even the tax is enormous with the modern kitchen cabinets samples but much cheaper and is manufactured in Vietnam but reach European quality standards as Avy Interior.

About quality:

Avy Interior uses the advanced technology of Europe with team experts of designers and technicians who have been trained in foreign, can fully meet the optimal product quality for the perfect kitchen cabinets.

About the price:

Products are manufactured in Vietnam should avoid the ship costs unnecessarily. Tax on products is also less ten time. Cut completely cost disparities for workers.


To get the perfect imported kitchen, first must meter, through many medium companies to order product samples from foreign. After 3-6 months of waiting, you can get the kitchen according to the original. But that’s just the time without any incident happens on the road, or you want to change the design.


With the waiting time to get that kitchen, I think you also understand somewhat if there is a problem with product need warranty.

It’s a small comparison of the products imported and manufactured in Vietnam. Somebody likes the cheap modern kitchen cabinets can easily choose for themselves the best supplier. However when choosing any kitchen cabinet suppliers in Vietnam, should choose the suppliers with good after-sales service, make sure that they want to build an image for their companies with high-quality products to satisfied customers, not the modern kitchen cabinets samples are cheaper but the quality is extremely bad.

tu-bep-hien-dai-14Products are manufactured entirely in Vietnam according to the European quality standards

Comparing brands

If you have a choice to choose suppliers and domestic product,you should learn and compare between suppliers about the reputation of the product quality, warranty or after- sales service from their main customers on the website, facebook, several other social networks. Besides, you can see the attached utility service when to learn about that brand. Maybe, the kitchen cabinets suppliers with cheap cost are the suppliers who not reputation, low quality. Because it РІР‚s so difficult to distinguish the furniture is good or not when you are not experts.

Can not completely negative all cheap modern kitchen suppliers is not good quality because they can know how to manage enterprises, reduce unnecessary costs on the price of the product . Even if enterprises use the advanced and modern technologies, it will help to calculate in details, avoid wasting unnecessary errors.

tu-bep-hien-dai-15Product quality is appreciate based on customer trust with the brand

How to compare the domestic production brands?

Product quality:

To appreciate the quality of the product, before buying, you can not completely base on the price of the kitchen cabinets. Because as mentioned above, it is difficult to appreciate if you are not experts. Therefore, the quality of products before buying can be appreciated by the reputation of the brand.

The reputation of the brand and the attached utility service :

Many people think that the attached utility services do not relate to product quality. But this thinking is not true when the connection demand of people is increasing. Companies or brands focus on this, it means they extremely attend customers, they respected customers, they want to develop the brand with confidence, a satisfaction of the customer. It was a company that was appreciated for a reputation of the brand with efforts increasingly desire product more complete. You do not hesitate to buy products the cheap modern kitchen cabinets of these brands.

eva1_3Let РІР‚s a smart consumer with brand affirms the level in Vietnam.

Desiring to bring modern kitchen products is cheaper the imported products butР’В  European quality standards for housewives, kitchen cabinets product line of Avy Interior isР’В  a significant gift to donate Vietnamese families .


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