What does the modern style in kitchen cabinet design say?

  • October 31, 2016
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What does the modern style in kitchen cabinet design say?

Modern style in the kitchen cabinets design in particular and interior design, in general, it has appeared from the 50s of the 19th century, today, this design style has become very popular. Thus, What is a modern style of the kitchen cabinet design?

thiet-ke-tu-bep-6Kitchen cabinets sample with modern style

The advent of the modern style?

The trend of modern architectural style is a large term what is used to describe the different projects but have similar characteristics in the space shape structure or free ground organization, asymmetric, façade. It eliminates the use of the classic school with the decoration or the use of new materials such as steel, glass, concrete. The modern architecture began to be marked by the advent of structure Crystal Palace by architect Joseph Paxton designed in Hyde Park (UK) in 1851.

Thus forming the modern style in the interior design by the German architect team leading into the 20s of the 20th century.

The modern style is featured in the kitchen cabinet design

The modern style usually has a simple design with lines, arrays and block what focuses primarily on function and avoids the prolix decorative details to create an interior space where use fewer fixtures, layout basic items to create airy space, convenient traffic.

thiet-ke-tu-bep-5The hidden cabinets lights are mounted in each drawer

The modern style of the cabinets interior design is very seriously lighting, lighting area need to be focused highlight or full illumination. If the kitchen cabinets can be designed according to the orientation to take advantage of the natural light is the best, but if not enough natural light, the lights from above is mounted on the ceiling is an optimal choice. In addition to, to increase the aesthetics for the beautiful kitchen with sparkling fixtures, can add the hidden cabinets light inside each drawer, so convenient for using and getting items.

Р’В Characteristics of color

Foundation color for the modern style in the kitchen cabinet design is the neutral colors such as white, black, brown, yellow, beige, … The mix of color tone emphasizes the shapes and furniture lines what are combined, brings the color vibe extremely impressive.

thiet-ke-tu-bep-3The white purity kitchen cabinets samples are more modern

However, this does not mean that mandatory uses neutral colors. Modern style still encourages to use the highlight color to express individual personality of each person.

When using different colors to make the center of the kitchen cabinet design will certainly bring efficiency to exceeds your imagination. That choice may be the strong colors, bright colors with green, orange, yellow as dominant, with red is center or soft color with the soothing pink color.

Between the kitchen cabinets and wall, can use similar colors and create highlight by featured accessories or kitchen cabinets with contrasting colors to create a unique style. However, even though you choose any method or any color for the kitchen cabinets design, it is also necessary to ensure harmony, unity, focus on the overall feeling and color choice according to the characteristics of each space.

thiet-ke-tu-bep-7Kitchen cabinets sample with the harmony of colors

Characteristics of materials

Today, with the development of technology, materials made for kitchen cabinets with modern style has developed to the pinnacle , both in terms of quality and aesthetics. Providing up to 1,000 color code and style, develop high moisture resistant with a special moisture-resistant wood core, besides increasing the bearing capacity, heat resistant, anti-termite, anti-warping. Currently, industry wood is the leading solution for the modern style of the kitchen cabinet design.

About Space

The modern kitchen cabinets samples can suit for large or small space. Unlike the other styles in the division of space, kitchen cabinets according to the modern style can create open space, living room connects with the kitchen room , is a continuous space.

Today, modern style is the ideal choice for small spaces, because with streamlined and modern, it helps maximize the space creating the impression of a larger room available.

thiet-ke-tu-bep-2Design styles create a space more spacious

Kitchen Cabinets according to modern style is increasingly prevalent and make us feel excited, happy with the comfort, the harmony of spaces, soft, elegant, not gaudy,much details, color express individuality identity of the owner, but still create harmony with the overall color.

thiet-ke-tu-bep-1The kitchen cabinets samples fit small space

Р’В Let’s design the kitchen cabinets according to the modern style, express elegance and class in lifestyle. Contact now with Avy Interior to be consulted and experienced the serving style absolutely professional and sure to please customers.


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