Kitchen cabinets samples for small house

  • November 1, 2016
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Currently, along with the modernization, many families are owning the small warm house , they want to have a kitchen with complete equipment but still brings unique style separately. Understanding this, Avy Interior provides kitchen cabinets samples for the small house to fully meet the needs of the modern and luxury kitchen.

food, family, hapiness and people concept - happy family makingHappiness with kitchen cabinets for small house

The I-shape kitchen cabinets samples of AVY Lady line:

This is the most appropriate kitchen cabinets sample for a long and narrow space, brings the elegant, soothing. Avy Interior launches the Lady-2 kitchen cabinets sample with simple lines, flexible but no less exquisite. This kitchen cabinets sample for small also provides warm space for family with laminate material, Р’В wood vein color

The kitchen cabinets sample for small house creates focus with highly stylized cabinets, it will increase display acreage for the kitchen. Especially with this type of kitchen cabinets can easily use high cabinets for people with modest height. Inside each drawer is mounted lights, just increase the aesthetics, easily to get essential items.

The harmonious arrangement of areas of the kitchen cabinets sample for the small house to avoid moving too much when cooking. However, the I-shape kitchen cabinets sample did not have many arrangements. Currently, the arrangement of Lady-2 is the most effective. The cooking and sink areas are separated, you can just cook, has vice-cook the next. Space is extremely spacious and comfortable for 2 people.

Two large pillars two sides of the kitchen cabinets sample for small house create the symmetrical and healthy feel. Showcasing wines are particularly loved by homeowners, a side can put an oven or microwave with height is calculated consistent, easy to use.

Lady-2 kitchen cabinets sample is a harmonious combination between quality and exquisite gentle accessories. HDF wood core is one of the product lines leading in the market, now, it has the capacity of high moisture resistant, termiticide; plus HDF currently is wood core line with the best bearing capacity. Lady-2 is a combination of HDF and Laminate materials for bright products with wood vein color and simple pattern is the focus. Kitchen cabinets surface is designed thinner, creates many spaces for drawers with glass and stainless steel material, helps you comfortably cook and use the sink.

The lower kitchen cabinets are integrated with electric stove and sink help to save kitchen acreage maximally. Drawer has the divided tray, it will create the feel neatly and easily to use. Kitchen cabinets sample includes 1 knife rack, 2 shelves dishes, 1 hanging pot racks, all placed neatly in drawers. Kitchen cabinets samples for the small house are designed neatly, easier for the user.

mau-tu-bep-cho-nha-nho-11Lady-2 with a placidity that charm for the small apartment

Accessories for kitchen cabinets sample for small house include:

– Premium hinge for kitchen cabinets that easily close, open and increase durability for kitchen cabinets.

– Lifting hand with open-style is perpendicular to the kitchen cabinets to help users see the entire item inside.

– Drawer rack with high load capacity levels helps drawer to carry the large or heavy items. Besides, the use of high-end sliding rail will help to open or close, get something simpler.

– The continuous shelf for the under cabinets system helps the user easily to get something and not have to worry about searching all day without seeing. Besides the use of the continuous shelf also feels more modern and luxurious for the beautiful kitchen.

– Dampers are mounted in the entire hinge, lift hand of the kitchen cabinets samples for the small house in order to productРІР‚в„ўs activity smoother, increase the life of products.

– Automatic system for drawer uses electric ray to help open, close gently with one controller. The solution for small houses brings convenient, help sisters easily open, close and use the kitchen cabinets when your hands are busy pawning or cooking food. It is simply, just only shake your hip or kick gently , it can also open gently drawers what weight tens heavy.

Lady-2 products are extremely favorite for the small apartments or houses by the lightness that flexibility. If you are the faithful of the modern and convenience, the Lady-2 is the number 1 choice.

mau-tu-bep-cho-nha-nhoLet’s growР’В old together in kitchens

The desire to provide the optimal support for housewives, a product line of kitchen cabinets Avy Interior is a meaningful gift for Vietnamese families. Along with the increasing living trend currently, Avy Interior kitchen cabinets is an attractive irresistible choice for the modern and cozy spaces where the cohesion of love between family members.


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