The kitchen cabinets sample for the small apartment

  • October 29, 2016
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Currently, the apartment usage trends are rising due to the demand for convenience and safety. But the apartments with a small acreage need special design to create highlight and to increase the usability for the kitchen. Today, Avy Interior would like to introduce you the kitchen cabinets sample for a small apartment with utilities is not inferior to the big kitchen, especially the kitchen is extremely neat and high aesthetic.

mau-tu-bep-cho-nha-chung-cu-nhoSolution for small apartment

Avy Eva line of Interior is a mix of materials and accessories for the careful calculations of the design professionals. AvyР’В Eva with modern style, youthful and dynamic as the first choice for many Vietnamese families.

Especially with the Eva-4 for more living space with functional furniture, the kitchen cabinets to form small apartment extremely appropriate. It must be said Eva-4 brings the perfect solution for narrow spaces with cabinets the continuous cabinet door leaf system, can close the kitchen cabinets block when necessary. Both kitchens are integrated into a single sample, completely separate, so it can be put right in your living room or near bedroom but not worry about mess or odor.

Р’В mau-tu-bep-cho-nha-chung-cu-nho-2Eva- 4 with the continuous cabinet door leaf system

Eva-4 products are kitchen cabinets sample for the small apartment with product quality that you do not need to worry. Wood core made from HDF premium materials, water-resistant, non-warping, anti-termite. Laminate surface is processed on modern line and high-tech brings perfect blameless products.

Accessories of the kitchen cabinets samples for small apartment also includes optimum utility. In addition to, the continuous cabinets door leaf system has capable of close, Eva-4 line is using:

The modern lifting hand: With a closed cabinet system, lifting hand is used to open parallel with cabinets surface to save the optimum acreage for and avoid touching the ceiling. Colors ofР’В  the above cabinets contrast with the continuous cabinet door leaf system outside to create the highlight for the kitchen, further, the kitchen inside is white, it will feel more spacious.

Drawer rack: The above cabinets used the convenient drawer rack, just pull softly, the entire of the rack will slide down, handy for those who are not tall enough.

The conveniently divided tray of the kitchen cabinets: The drawer is divided to contain knives, spoons separately.

Continuous shelf: the below cabinets of the kitchen cabinets samples for small apartment use the continuous shelf system to not have to bend down to find the thing in the drawer. Just pull softly, the entire items inside will be launched due to the continuous routine shelf system combined with hinges.

All the hinge, lifting hand and slider of the kitchen cabinets are mounted damping, to help whenever you open or close softly, increase the durability of the kitchen cabinets.

TheР’В  automatic open door leaf system is integrated into kitchen cabinets (with the large cabinets door leaf outside) and use the button to open the door leaf. This system helps to reduce the movement and power of sisters when cooking. Besides, the cooking becomes more gently, help sisters to cook more delicious

The technology of the kitchen cabinets samples for the small apartment are calculated to bring high aesthetic value with lighting systems in each drawer, increase the brightness to the whole kitchen, to ensure cook and get housewares easier.

All the kitchen cabinets samples forР’В  a small apartment of Avy Interior is designed basing on usability and high aesthetics with the superior technology about design and production. Design technology of Avy Interior is one of the most modern systems today, ensure to bring the perfect solution for the kitchen with design time for 3D kitchen models only about 30 minutes. Avy Interior is integration between design and production technology to proceed manufacturing and structure quickly. Products can be completed within 3-7 days with perfect quality to absolute because the details and size are calculated based on design software instead of the designers themselves have calculated as before.

mau-tu-bep-cho-nha-chung-cu-nho-2Both the modern kitchen is integrated completely in the small acreage.

Avy Interior desire to satisfy customers with products quality and conveniently attached services. Each client comes to Avy Interior will be issued membership cards to enjoy Avy Club VIP customer service, discount deals in ecosystem Avy Interior.

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