The kitchen room can be considered a heaven for the whole family, where the whole family would gather together, talk together, enjoy good food. So, it needs the comfortable space. Due to the growing trend today, the apartment is extremely favorite with the high safety and usability. So what does kind of kitchen cabinets samples fit majority apartment? where acreage is not large, meet optimally demand and still bring to the high aesthetic value? Avy Interior would like to invite you to refer some kitchen cabinets samples for the apartment what are the most favorite in 2016:

Р’В eva1-2The white kitchen cabinets sample shines all the space

The apartment has small spaces

Apartment space can be expanded and created the highest aesthetic values, it should pay attention the light. Bright colors is always a wonder, it helps to increase the acreage of space, to make space more spacious and comfortable for the user.

The light in the kitchen often uses 2 types:

– The light from above: Lamps will be mounted on the ceiling, this way help to cooking easier. Moreover, the above light, the light coordination will harmony and high aesthetic.

The light in each drawer: It’s very difficult when every time you open the cabinet and search items with the dim light. The lamp installation in each locker will support optimally for this. Besides, surely everyone has gone to the museums or galleries, most of the objects on display are coordinated and added lights to increase the aesthetics. In the kitchen cabinet samples for the apartment, the open drawer or the mounted glass are designed for homeowners so that they can display favorite items. So, mounting lamps in here is very reasonable.

The I-shape kitchen cabinets samples for apartment

The I-shape kitchen cabinets samples are favorite in the small apartments due to the acreage saving and usability what it brings. However, this I-shape kitchen cabinets samples should only use in families where did not have too much furniture.

mau-tu-bep-depThe kitchen is airy but subtle with the extreme impressive design

This I-shape kitchen cabinets sample creates a completely different style with a subtle design but airy in each line. This wood grain color of the kitchen cabinets samples for apartment brings the necessary warmth to the beautiful kitchen. Even though the design is extremely simple but we can’t negate the utility of it. With the rational integration of these accessories brings comfort for uses.

eva-2The I-shape kitchen cabinets sample is unique with the kitchen cabinets system what has capable of completely closed into a block.

The kitchen cabinets sample is parallel to an apartment.

It is the simple design as the I-shape kitchen cabinets sample, but to expand the acreage of storage and display of essential items while cooking. The parallel kitchen cabinets sample is the perfect solution for those who love the simple but handy. However, the kitchen cabinets sample with parallel style is often appropriate with the large space.

nen-lam-tu-bep-bang-chat-lieu-gi-1-jpgThe kitchen features with the shimmering chandeliers in the ceiling.

The L-shape kitchen cabinets for apartment

One of the kitchen cabinet samples for an apartment is the most favorite in 2016 is the L-shape kitchen cabinets. The L-shape kitchen cabinets have flexibility, and the ability to adjust to fit any space. A big advantage, the most noticeable is to able to take advantage of the corner of the kitchen for cooking, but the surrounding area completely unaffected.

In this design, trendy dark brown of Laminate material help the kitchen to become more chic and stylish. The wood grains run along the kitchen cabinets not limited to make it softer, cleaner.

mau-tu-bep-depThe kitchen features with glass doors of drawers, adding the light hidden cabinet to display items

The L-shape kitchen cabinets sample has extra large island.

The L-shaped under kitchen cabinets with the warm light brown and fully equipped. The wood grains is cleverly horizontal stacking make to look larger actual volumetric. The kitchen near the glass window to catch natural light and the open kitchen spaceР’В  bring spacious space for a kitchen .

eva1_3The kitchen is designed with modern and luxury style.

The L-shape kitchen cabinets sample for the apartment where has large space.

If there is a large space for the kitchen. DonРІР‚в„ўt hesitate to consult further this kitchen cabinet samples :

mau-tu-bep-xinh-6The kitchen is more spacious and comfortable with the panels transmit light.

queen-2The harmonious combination of colors with down tone bring the characteristic of the kitchen with mystery

mau-tu-bep-depThe kitchen brings the harmony of nature into your home space

Let’s have a kitchen cabinets samples for apartment according to modern style, itР’В  shows the class and elegance in lifestyle. Contact now with Avy Interior to be consulted and experienced completely professional serving style with expert design team is creative and talent


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