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  • October 17, 2016
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To have a perfect kitchen cabinet product, it is  indispensable high accessories to create a link or move for the product. Avy Interior always focus the smallest details on bringing the convenience and high aesthetic kitchen cabinets sample. Today Avy Interior pleased to introduce kitchen cabinets accessories extremely important – The kitchen cabinet hinges

vhx1400725536Hinge for kitchen cabinets door leaf

Kitchen cabinet hinge is important components to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets of Avy Р’В Interior use high-end hinges, it will help increase the durability of the kitchen cabinets, average to 4-5 years, and limit the unnecessary damage. Meanwhile, the cost of kitchen cabinets also increased not significantly

A number of hinges used Р’В for a kitchen depending on size and design. However, each kitchen cabinets door leaf is usually mounted on 2 hinges upwards. The hinges also have different load-bearing depend on the goal or the opening.

  1. How to choose kitchen cabinet hinges accordingly

a. Materials:

Materials for hinges are vary from bearing steel, brass, iron demagnetization (Inox 201), iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), alloy (Al + Zn or antimony) …

ban-le-san-kep-hafele-tc-02Bearing steel hinges

Hinge is fully qualified when enough elements:

  • Material sustains with hot humid environment in Vietnam (not oxidized, rust, clay, cracked, broken, vulnerable to erosion …)
  • Durability:

– Durability can assurance to serve for a long time depend on the life of the product (over 10 years).

– Helps kitchen cabinet doors without prolapsing, damaging the product and the other attached accessories on the door.

Vietnam is a tropical region, hot and rainy, high humidity, a lot of the coastal provinces , so materials are changed easily. Therefore each material, attached accessories as kitchen cabinet hinges always must be selected carefully to bring to perfect products.

ban-le-cao-cap-modulHigh-end hinges for luxury kitchen cabinets sample

b. Shape

With each user needs, it will bring the shaped sample of kitchen cabinet hinges differently. The weight of the cabinet doors is calculated according to the power of moment what rotate the vertical. Depending on the height, width Р’В of the cabinet door to use the type of hinges with the compatible load. However, the types of common hinges often used for kitchen cabinets with the level of force resistance is not too high, due to the door leaf are often not too big or heavy.

Special kitchen cabinet hinges sample are designed exclusively for the lines of cabinet what take advantage cabinets door space for storage. Depending on the desired of homeowners wanting to use for the cabinet door or simply the shelve of pots and materials are not too heavy. It will use big load hinges sample. If homeowners want to use cabinet door as a second cabinets drawer.With this method, storage acreage will increase considerably and fit with the space is not large.

Besides, There are also a lot of other kitchen cabinet hinges samples what are integrated functions such as kitchen cabinet hinges and continuous tray. When opening the cabinet door, the entire inner tray inside will combine perfectly with the hinge and put the whole to set out.

nhung-phu-kien-tu-bep-dep-6Kitchen cabinet hinges are integrated with continuous tray.

9-7Kitchen cabinets door is used to hanging gentle objects.

  1. How to attach hinge to a door leaf:

The common hinges are mounted between the door leaf and cabinet torso, the load bearing level does not need large because the cabinet door is not too heavy. Attaching hinges can choose covered outside or covered ½¬¬

Covered outside hinge (= 18mm), the entire surface of the cabinets door. Currently, this method is very popular because of high aesthetics.

Covered Р’Р… (minimum 14mm) does not completely cover the cabinets door leaf surface. Depending on the use goal and the opening to the designer can choose the type mounted kitchen cabinet hinges. However, this method is often used in foreign where they are not too conscious of the aesthetics of every detail in the kitchen.

When mounting kitchen cabinet hinges, should note the following points:

– Check carefully the door to find whether it is truly perpendicular to the background or not.

– Check the vertical horizontal bar of the door whether it is truly seamless, perpendicular or Р’В match (not warping..)

– After checking, we entered the stage are to perforate and mount hinges.

– Hinges on one cabinet door leaf must always lie on a straight line.

To have a most beautiful kitchen, Avy Interior always recruit technicians who have many years of experience, highly skilled and thoroughness wit the job.

blog-99cent-hinge-fix-istock_04df30007fdd782e5c75d72044e8d90a_3x2_jpg_600x400_q85Avy Р’В Interior always confident with the technical experts who have many years of experience

  1. Hinge mounted dampers

Each modern and convenient kitchen are always indispensable dampers in combination with kitchen cabinet hinges. Dampers ensure the closure of the cabinet is not shaken, homeowners do not need placidity and scare the closure of the cabinet is too strong hand is to cause the startling or damage to the kitchen cabinets. Therefore damper will bring high durability for kitchen cabinet of every family .

The impressive kitchen cabinet sample with hinge mounted dampers.

eva1-2The modern and convenient kitchen sample for apartment
nen-lam-tu-bep-chat-lieu-giCharm but not less sophistication
Let’s create an impression with the kitchen where brings subtle textures Egypt.

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