The good notes for women when choosing kitchen cabinets

  • October 18, 2016
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Selecting to buy the kitchen cabinets with European quality. The product is a combination of what the most subtle and class, bring to the perfect kitchen cabinets in every detail.

phu-kien-tu-bep-11Now, the popular favorite trend of the young couples is the kitchen cabinets samples with modern technology, European quality.

Р’В Kitchen space

Selecting to buy the kitchen cabinets according to the kitchen space to choose the appropriate kitchen cabinets samples. With narrow space,you can use the I-shaped or L-shaped kitchen cabinets samples. IfР’В  space is large, you can innovate comfortably with all kinds of kitchen cabinets samples. Especial, the G-shaped or U-shaped kitchen cabinets sample only dedicated to largeР’В  kitchens.

eva2_1The kitchen cabinets samples for large space

Good material for the kitchen cabinets

Today, in the market , there are a lot of materials such as acrylic, laminate, melamine or surface is glass fiber with the origin of unknown. To buy the kitchen cabinets with the best quality, you should find the reputable suppliers with the guarantee service, after-sales quality is stable and it ensures product durability.

Current,trend’s market is the industrial wood kitchen cabinets with trends and styles in Europe. This material has high durability, versatility, and it can handle the surface, brings a lot of abundant designs, very suitable for anyone who wishes to buy the kitchen cabinets with the high aesthetic.

Good material is one of the leading selection criteria leading to consumers who want to buy the kitchen cabinets. Requiring the kitchen cabinets product samples have good material, not warping,anti- termites or waterproof … Especially, the surface material is shiny such as acrylic need maximum scratch resistant, anti-dust surface.

mau-tu-bep-depAcrylic material is glossy with high scratch resistant capacity and aesthetics for cabinets

Attached accessories

When buying the kitchen cabinets, housewife also need to consider the attached accessories such as the lifting hand, slide door, the hinge of the kitchen cabinet or supported technologies. What do type of lifting hands suits you?Р’В  Lifting the parallel surface or perpendicular follicle… Is the sliding ray smooth? or Have all accessories been mounted damping yet? Due to the damping is extremely important and useful to increase the durability of the kitchen cabinets and the tidy of the open, close manipulation… Besides, these accessories need to have the clear origin to avoid the material is prone rusting or easy to decay. If buying the kitchen cabinets, you should choose the reputable attached accessories to be a lifetime warranty on the product.


Р’В Accordance with wallet

Perhaps, this is the first evaluation criteria of some families before looking to buy kitchen cabinets with a suitable style. On the market, there are many product lines, so the price is various a lot. However, you can choose some reputation furniture supplier with diverse lines, consistent with expected costs.

phu-kien-tu-bep-newera-7How many costs will you intend to invest for the kitchen ?

Get free consultation

There are a lot of selection to buy kitchen cabinets for women with the abundance of materials, accessories to make the kitchen what is pretty, acute and more colorful. However, you should identify clearly your needs and styles, if you do not identify yourselves want to buyР’В  kitchen cabinets which style how. You can find the free consultants of the big kitchen cabinets suppliers.

15Contact directly to Avy Interior to be advised completely free for your home kitchen.

With the above note for women and with the goal of becoming the furniture kitchen cabinets supplier leading in Vietnam with the perfect solution. Avy Interior official launched three product lines to meet the demand to buy kitchen cabinets of every family, to bring new experience is different completely in the lifestyle of the Vietnamese. Avy Interior promises to bring housewife trend with fresh fashion style, assert completely class in every kitchen.

3 product lines of Avy Interior will answer all your questions about buy kitchen cabinets with reasonable prices, good material, the perfect solution for the kitchen …

AVY Queen for those who want to buy kitchen cabinets with perfection in every detail, the class, aristocratic, elegant. Advanced technology, the perfect solution for the modern kitchen.

AVY Lady is not too luxury but as Queen but is the favorite product line of those who want to buy kitchen cabinets with quality is not absolute inferior to any products line on the market today.

AVY Eva is a combination of quality and accessories to bring the perfect solution about the cost of buying kitchen cabinets for the majority of a Vietnamese family.

The desire to provide optimal support for housewives, the kitchen cabinets product line of Avy Interior is the significant gift to donate Vietnamese families. Along with the increasing living trend currently, Interior Avy kitchen cabinets will be attractive irresistible selection for modern cozy kitchen space where mounts of love between family members.


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