Today, on the market, there are a variety of materials, accessories made from everywhere, so many families are wondering which accessory of the brand is appropriate? Meanwhile, to get the perfect kitchen, it is not only depending on the good material properties but also the accessories that come with the kitchen cabinets. So today, Avy Interior will consult to you accessories for kitchen cabinets.

464655Which accessories are appropriate for your home kitchen?

Identify products to buy:

First needs to have detailed design for your home kitchen to identify utilities you want and list items what needs to advise. From this list, you will choose more easily and quickly than shopping. Besides avoiding to look many beautiful accessories that if you buy it, you will not know what to do or arrange lack scientific and tidy for the kitchen.

No consult the kitchen cabinet accessories from various sources:

According to habits of Vietnamese people. When asked directly a problem without clear answers, 90% will try to answer whether uncertainty. So, to get the best advice, you should refer to reliable sources, or to receive a free consultation from furniture companies.

Choose the appropriate product:

phu-kien-tu-bep-newera-7This is the extremely important stage to determine the style and quality of the kitchen.


Many large families often have more furniture, should use good force-resistance accessories. All products must take on the roles and responsibilities of it. You can not put heavy items on a shelf what have low force-resistance shelve, this will reduce the life of the product.

Which accessory of the brand should use?

The Avy Interior advice you to should the type of accessories is recognized high quality, lifetime warranty. Because a high-quality kitchen canines can reduce durability by the low-quality accessories.

Requiring the interior company construct for the family to use the kitchen cabinet accessories that you feel believe as Hafele, Blum … But if you have been selecting the reputable interior suppliers, they will consult the most suitable kitchen cabinets for your family.

Costs for accessories

The cost of high-end kitchen cabinet accessories is often more expensive than the kitchen cabinet accessories what unknown origin or from China. But expensive products has its reason, because if you meet any problems when used, you are also free warranty, the warranty time is the lifetime warranty. With products of unknown origin is usually not warranted clearly. Besides, products rust or damaged easily, it will affect severely the durability of the kitchen cabinets. So when receiving the consultation about kitchen cabinet accessories with reasonable expenses , you should appreciate with the depreciation period of the product.

Consulting accessories for the modern kitchen cabinets.

Consulting accessories for kitchen cabinets are divided into many types: The under/above kitchen cabinets and the removable kitchen cabinets accessories

Lifting hands:

Consulting the kitchen cabinets accessories with lifting hands systems support to raise the cabinet door leaf, helps users easily see items inside cabinets and the opening and closing operation, show the modern and elegance for a kitchen. The type of lifting hands in the market are selected based on the perpendicular opening, rotate upwards, parallel, open cross or shutters.

Dish racks

Currently, on the market have many racks to choose, but to have rack suitable with kitchen cabinets sample, you need a consultation clearly about functions for continuous racks, sliding racks for high cabinets, wall shelves or racks nearby the sink …

gx034Let РІР‚s select dish racks that best suitable your family


The rails are arranged accordingly, it will increase acreage to put an item for the kitchen, take advantage of the location can not use. However, you should not abuse the rails what cause distraction and mess for the kitchen.

Sliders, hinges

Consulting the kitchen cabinets accessories with selections between appropriate slides or hinges, you need to know how many the maximize load of drawers, cabinet door leaf are there? To choose slider, the hinge has suitable load to ensure the durability of the drawer, avoid prolapsing, damaging when using.

Corner of kitchen cabinets

Consulting the kitchen cabinets accessories with the solution for a dead corner of the kitchen cabinets brings the convenience and high aesthetics. Currently, on the market, there are many types of corner kitchen cabinets for you choose, especially the corner kitchen cabinets associate continuous tray is the perfect solution for the kitchen beautiful.

blum_box1807_3-rgbCorner kitchen cabinet takes advantage of the kitchen acreage.


With each product hand raised, hinged or sliding tray should add the damper to increase the durability of the product and ensure convenience when use to avoid causing unnecessary noise to the kitchen.

The automatic open, close system

Consulting kitchen cabinets accessories with 2 modern open, close systems to choose: the open-close mechanical system and electrical system what is controlled by a single controller.

With mechanical systems, you just need to use a gentle power to open the cabinet door leaf, completely due to the power-assisted calculations from attached accessories.


The automatic open, close system by electrical will insert wires below the drawer and lift hands behind to make sure that you open any drawers extremely simple. This is also a favorite experience of the modern kitchens.

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