The founder named his company as well as naming their mentally challenged children. That is all the submissions, the secret wishes are put into the name. It is because of that passion, passionate love is concentrated in the two words Avy, it is not only the child of the spirit that this is also the sweetest name loved, is a future. The founder wants to put in because this is the name of the girl who gives love.
Avy’s color combination of black and white. White in most cultures is a sincere and absolute symbol of the soul. It is a symbol of quality as the foundation that the Avy brand communicates. And black is always the symbol of wealth, the color of power, the charm of a fascinating way it is the highest level unique to the magical from the design that Avy will create.
By striving to create the No. 1 domestics brand in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in particular, Avy has been laying a solid foundation to reach out to affirm “The young but strong brand on market”.